Sustainable Energy

How should the 20 per cent renewables target be divided among the member states? The EU has set two remarkable targets to be reached by 2020: 20 per cent energy saving and 20 per cent renewables in the energy mix. Those targets are remarkable because they were set without specifying in detail what the numbers… » read more

Posted by Bruno De Wachter

The super-efficient society

At Leonardo ENERGY, we’re starting a reflection about the elements of the super-efficient society. Many of you have heard of Factor 4, and the derived Factor 10 or even Factor 20 schools of thought. In the milestone book ‘Factor 4’, many solutions are more like an incremental improvement rather than a step change. The building… » read more

Posted by Hans De Keulenaer

The third P at last

Sustainability reports usually have long chapters on the environmental and economic aspects, but struggle to address the social dimension. Therefore, I was encouraged to read yesterday’s press release that the ‘Commission promotes the social dimension of the Energy Community’. Stop here for the moment, and consider what defines the social dimension.

Posted by Hans De Keulenaer