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Concentration photovoltaics (CPV) offers one of the most promising utility-scale, renewable energy technology options. Many companies are testing their CPV products and some have already launched commercial offers. This documentary presents interviews with some industry representatives present at ISFOC (CPV Institute in Puertollano, South of Spain). [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”320″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]

Posted by Hans De Keulenaer

Improving technology, expansion off-shore, and exploring the building sector potential   The wind sector has been growing spectacularly over the past decade. However, to sustain these impressive growth figures over the next twenty years in Europe and North America, business-as-usual will not be enough. In several European countries, the number of remaining onshore sites for… » read more

Posted by Bruno De Wachter

[kml_flashembed movie=”″ width=”320″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] In this interview, Keiichi Hirose from NTT Facilities, presents the first trial to take place in Japan in the area of power quality concepts and solutions. This field demonstration of a multiple power quality supply system is leaded by NTT Facilities. It has developed and installed a multiple power… » read more

Posted by Hans De Keulenaer

Electricity is a high quality energy carrier, and its inefficient use needs to be avoided by all means. But more important than the question ‘can we save electricity?’ may be to ask ourselves whether electricity can save energy. The use of electricity is growing fast, and it’s growing faster than the consumption of primary energy.… » read more

Posted by Ingenheiro

Will CSP and Ocean Energy become the next booming technologies? Mention renewable energy and the first examples most people think of are hydroelectric power, wind power, photovoltaic panels, and various types of biomass. These are indeed the renewable technologies that have been implemented on the largest scale in recent years. But with the ever increasing… » read more

Posted by Bruno De Wachter

Photovoltaic Systems

This 10-minute webcast, prepared by Leonardo ENERGY, offers an introductory overview of photovoltaic technology, different systems and market figures.

Posted by Hans De Keulenaer

Fast-tracking new technologies

It is an often repeated hope that new technologies should enable at least developing countries to get a jump start into the future. A phenomenon called leap-frogging. Indeed it happens and has happened only recently with the mobile phones. But we should not take it for granted that it happens and there are many exceptions… » read more

Posted by Hans Nilsson