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Hans De Keulenaer

Hans De Keulenaer Hans is programme manager ‘Electricity & Energy’ at the European Copper Institute (ECI), a non-profit organisation based in Brussels. His current interests are sustainable energy systems, quality of supply, smart & age-adaptive buildings, energy regulation and the use of novel web-based technologies for business marketing and education.

Hans Nilsson

Hans NilssonHans Nilsson has worked with energy issues since 1966. His experience covers energy supply, distribution, planning and energy efficiency both from a policy, management and programme implementation point of view. He has worked within several sorts of organisations such as municipality owned utilities, government agencies, intergovernmental organisations, private companies and business associations and was in the 1990’s director for the Swedish Energy Efficiency Programme. The work has to a large extent been related to international issues and international co-operation both for business and for NGOs. Mr Nilsson is presently the chairman of the IEA DSM Programme and runs his own consultancy company FourFact.

Bruno De Wachter

Bruno De WachterBruno is project manager and copywriter for Forte, a Belgian company specialized in copywriting and marketing for technology, business, and industry. He distils clear, concise, and comprehensive written messages out of often complex technical subjects. He has wide interests, with a strong focus on energy and environment. De Wachter obtained Master Degrees in Electrical Engineering at the University of Ghent and in Dutch Language and Literature at the University of Antwerp. He has nine years of experience with written communication across a wide variety of technological and industrial domains.

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