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Environmental impact of the PV life-cycle   All means of electricity generation, including photovoltaic (PV) systems, create polluting emissions when the entire life-cycle is taken into account. In the case of PV systems, those emissions are concentrated in the manufacturing stage. PV manufacturing is energy intensive, resulting in the emissions that accompany the use of… » read more

Posted by Bruno De Wachter

ACEEE argues in a new report that Energy Efficiency must be more visible and it is easy to agree. Energy Efficiency is in most policy debates discussed as the counterbalance to more supply but in reality it is more difficult. Energy Efficiency is often foregone because of its invisibility. Which is a pity since energy… » read more

Posted by Hans Nilsson

Date: Friday, May 23, 2008 – 15:00 Duration / timezone: 1 hour / Central European Time (Brussels, Paris, Berlin) Moderators: Fernando Nuno and Hans De Keulenaer, Leonardo ENERGY Enroll for this webinar  On the 23rd of January, the European Commission launched a proposal for a Directive on promoting the use of renewable energy. The Directive… » read more

Posted by Hans De Keulenaer

“The market is a good servant but a bad master”. That is at least the way an old saying has it. Often attributed to Vaclav Havel, but also to the former Danish Energy minister Svend Auken. Whoever is to take credit this saying comes to mind when reading The Economist, where the issue is brought… » read more

Posted by Hans Nilsson

The wind energy industry is booming worldwide, favoured by ambitious targets for renewable energy, various subsidy mechanisms, and rising prices for fossil fuels. This does not mean however that wind companies have struck gold. A wind development project is a complex affair with many barriers and one requiring favourable climatic and geographical conditions that are… » read more

Posted by Ingenheiro

The dominating idea has for a long time been that taking action against climate change is risky business for a country and its industry. An idea underpinned by some economic thinking saying that unilateral action is at best useless and that policy measures must be strictly targeted – one problem requires one measure only. Otherwise… » read more

Posted by Hans Nilsson