Sustainable Energy

President Barroso announced an interesting shift in the Chinese attitude to the post-Kyoto agreement when visiting Beijing last week. The Chinese premier Wen Jiabao is said to have indicated that China could participate fully in an international agreement provided that the old industrialised nations promised to reduce their emission till 2020 and that a financial mechanism for technology transfer is established.

If the Chinese really will be a full and acting participant in a future international solution with mutual binding targets it is hard to imagine that the other giant, India, will stay out. The concerns are the same, not to be left with a commitment that no one else honours, and the awareness is high about needs and actions.

It will then leave us with the U.S. but the deck of cards will soon shift.

Not only climate

The EU-delegation however also discussed other issues, including the topical ones about the Olympics, Tibet and Human Rights. It is said that it is important for Chinese not to lose face and if one can trust the press-release it seems as if President Barroso and the team of commissioners have managed quite well in showing both respect and profound will.

A matter of growing concern is the Chinese presence in Africa and an EU-China-Africa partnership in development cooperation” was initiated. Such a co-operation might be interesting since the reports of the Chinese activities are a bit disturbing. Will the new co-operation mean that there will be less arms trade and less exploitation of raw materials in vulnerable African States?

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