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We are now so used to talk about climate change in terms of policy, of technicalities, such as GHG-concentration in PPMs and of technologies/fuels that we tend to loose the sight of the object itself – the physical impact in the everyday life. The latest IPCC-report is however of great help for the understanding. What will climate change do to me?

It is about water this time

The IPCC report spells out in clinical terms what could happen to water in our life. Water when we want it for drinking, for recreation or for industry. And what could happen with water when we do not want it in rainstorms and in flooding.

As so many times before the IPCC reports are very good in transmitting their message in a way that makes it easy to understand, scientific as it may be. One observation is that the consequences of Climate Change (in water terms) seem to come closer to us in the industrialised world. It is not only something that hits poor people in distant countries, but the United States and Europe.

Water is far less abstract than millions of ppm!

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In Europe in particular the following possible consequences have been identified.

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