Sustainable Energy

wsed_final.JPGElectricity is a high quality energy carrier, and its inefficient use needs to be avoided by all means. But more important than the question ‘can we save electricity?’ may be to ask ourselves whether electricity can save energy.

The use of electricity is growing fast, and it’s growing faster than the consumption of primary energy. Paradoxically, this may be an opportunity rather than a problem, since electricity’s high efficiency at the point of use in combination with increasing options for low-carbon generation can be one of the main roads towards a sustainable energy system.

While requirements imposed on the electricity system increase, the growing amount of decentralized generation risks reducing reliability, and requires us to rethink system operation. Fortunately, many of the technical solutions needed are already within sight, and some even available today.

High oil prices and mainly the instability of the price and supply will make the sector turn even more to indigenous or renewable energy sources, and to improve the efficiency of generation and distribution. This carries significant consequences for the electricity sector for two reasons: the need to incorporate more decentralized solutions and a more efficient use. But on the other hand, it may carry a big overall benefit, as the precision and efficiency of electricity may be the key to reduce our environmental impact without compromising economic and productivity growth.

Sergio Ferreira, from Leonardo ENERGY recently participated to the World Sustainable Energy Days Conference in Wels, Austria, presenting a poster and paper discussing energy efficiency improvements in electricity using equipment and through the use of electricity.

Briefing paper available here.

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