Sustainable Energy

Energy Commissioner Piebalgs joined the blogosphere last Friday with his first weekly post. He’s actually the 9th Commissioner starting up a blog.

The initiative could be significant for various reasons:

  • Participation of policy makers to the energy blogosphere  has been lagging other sectors. Mr Piebalgs’ example hopefully inspires other policy makers to reach out beyond their usual entourages.
  • The Commission in particular has been lagging in the adoption of social media, despite the web’s promise of outreach and stakeholder engagement.
  • The blog could give us a better insight into the Commissioner’s mind, while allowing him to float ideas in a semi-formal setting and engage with citizens.

Running a blog as a public figure carries a bit more risk than the average blogger. It is not really possible to detach the Commissioner’s blog from the Commission, and its commenting function could be used (and abused) extensively. As I’ve submitted a comment (as did The Oil Drum) which has yet to appear, moderation is obviously in place. It’ll be interesting to observe how to Commissioner engages with his readers and copes with the possibly many comments.

So at this stage, welcome to the blogosphere Mr Piebalgs. We look forward to reading you, and watch how your initiative pans out in the energy sector.

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