Sustainable Energy

This webinar will discuss the EU’s policy on energy efficiency, focusing on the recent National Energy Efficiency Action Plans (NEEAPs) submitted in the context of the Energy Services Directive. These NEEAPs from the 27 Member States offer for the first time a unique panorama on energy efficiency in Europe, as well as an ultimate compendium of energy efficiency measures.

Possible discussion points:

  • Is energy efficiency such a BIG opportunity as is widely claimed?
  • Are EU Member States taking energy efficiency seriously?
  • Why are there such front-runners and what is their motivation?
  • How valid is the claim of being understaffed?
    (as energy efficiency is on the table for 15 years now)
  • Why is there such a grey area in energy efficiency?
  • Are we doing enough about energy efficiency?
  • What else is needed? All the technologies and mechanisms are there!

These topics are aimed to open discussion. We welcome participants to raise their own questions and concerns into the debate. 

Practical Information

The webinar takes place on 29th of February from 14h30 to 15h30.

The event will use the Adobe Connect webconferencing system that allows you to join the event at the single click of a button. At the time of the event, simply click to enter the webinar room and simply enter your name. No plug-in is required. Sound is over the internet, so you will need a headphone to participate (or a microphone and speakers in a private room). 

This page is a live document to support the discussion webinar on the above topic before and after the event. Discussion will be continuously open on this page using the comment feature.

Background Information 

EC Webpage on Energy Efficiency

EU Energy Efficiency Action Plan

EC First assessment of the NEEAPs

EMEEES Project – Measuring Energy Savings in Europe

Energy Efficiency Watch – Action, not talk

Euractiv – Energy Efficiency: the EU’s Action Plan

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