Sustainable Energy is an immediate success

Carma stands for Carbon Monitoring for Action. is a Web tool on which you can look up the carbon emissions of all of the world’s power plants. Starting from a world map you can zoom in to find the power plant locations, and then you can click on the plants to verify their carbon intensity. Five colour codes classify them from ‘clean’ to ‘dirty’.

The tool was launched in November and was an immediate success. It received 150,000 visitors from 187 countries in its first two days.

No contextual information

As an energy professional, one could criticize the site for giving no contextual information. Not even the energy source or the type of the power plants is mentioned. But this tool has clearly been created for a very general public and one must admit that it is achieving its goal.

Simple and local

Apparently, the makers of this Web tool understood that two rules apply when aiming to have an educational impact on a large worldwide audience. First: keep it simple and self-explanatory. Two: address a worldwide audience but give them local information. The fact that everyone around the world can look up the power plant they know around the corner has certainly contributed to the success of this site.

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